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February 6, 2013 
has returned from paris and has prepared a fabulous lunch that i thought i’d share with you

more pictures, less words.
bon appetite.

behind the scenes. sit back and relax. enjoy the greenery.
left. ever seen deep fried herbs that were not burnt to smithereens? lol, well here they are, perfection.
right. madeleines fresh out of the oven! chaud! chaud!


let’s begin.


asparagus, summer pea and leek soup.



pan seared scallops and pickled radish, garnished with marjoram.



herb crusted halibut with grapefruit and green bean salad.



ribeye with fig reduction, roasted pepper puree, and mini onion rings.



my absolute most favourite part of a meal. dessert.
i’m in heaven.

madeleines, mango sorbet, and pistachio chocolate sticks.


i hope your eyes enjoyed the meal.

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June 21, 2012

i’m finally here (&did i mention, reunited with mom)! it’s now my fourth day in paris now.
my sister kat will be here in three days! can’t wait:)

i was originally planning to blog once a week, but then i’d probably forget what i did during which days cause there’s just too many things that i do, places i go to, things that i eat, etc.
going to make my blogs short&sweet hopefully with less words and more pictures. YOU do the translating.
here’s what my life in paris looks like.enjoy!

okay… or not..
maybe i wont blog, not that i dont want to, but my mom’s laptop is acting up.

merci et au revoir!

February 15, 2012


the seine river underneath the pont des arts in paris
holds the key to your heart.

i visited paris last fall and didn’t see this bridge during my two weeks stay. today, i happen to come across a video online where a fence with numerous padlocks were locked to it. i had no idea where this was, so i asked a special someone who currently resides in paris, france. my mom.

i recognized that it was the seine river in the background and i had been there previously, but unfortunately didn’t get to see the pont des arts then… i will be returning this summer &will definitely go to see it in person.

so how does this work?

the padlocks are in a sense “love locks”, some have ribbons tied to them, couples’ names written on them, basically whatever you want to lock onto the fence with your padlock. once you lock your love lock onto the fence, you throw the key into the seine river which represents the love between two people or whomever can never be undone; eternal love. (well at least that’s my interpretation, how do YOU interpret this?)

i hope that some time in my future, a someone special will take me here to put a lock on this fence.
wouldn’t that be sweet?! heart melts*

my mom said to me today that she will take my siblings &i to the pont des arts when we visit in the summer. not exactly what i had in mind. lols, but it does make sense..
eternal love,
my mom. one of the few people on this earth who actually can provide this kind of love








this picture was taken while having dinner yesterday.
hope you enjoyed this lovey dovey post valentine’s day post.



January 24, 2012


ive been missing for the past two weeks.. new update coming soon!
stay tuned~

meanwhile, heres a picture of my cat mimi &i lazying on the sofa yesterday afternoon.

why does it sometimes feel like that you’re the only one who sees eye to eye with me?


January 10, 2012


another unintentional picture while i was having late lunch with my brother &sister.
After my first bite, I wiped my mouth only to reveal…

a set of wannabe valentines day kissy lips! hah (yes that is my iPhone cat case’s shadow).

talk about table manners~!

so here’s your +1 bow tie that you asked for.
doesn’t it look like the one you drew?:p


September 29, 2011


i feel like a cartoon today. i have a clown’s mouth HAHa!
&this is what boredom does to you.
my sister and mom always say that i look like a drawing, cartoon, or animal.
how is that even possible?

i really like the middle picture by momosu, but unfortunately humans dont look like this lols.
here’s my attempt to mimic her lips. i never knew my lips could look like this cause i only wear lipgloss and barely there colours.
it’s actually quite a shock to me. haha.
the first new colour i’m sporting is #78 phoenix in chanel’s rouge allure laque. i’ve never worn this colour out because.. well you can see why!
&spot the second new colour that i’m sporting. it’s blue black.

the colours in the photos above have given me some ideas of what to be for halloween!

also, my cat mimi is so annoying!
every morning we feed her dry food and one can of wet food.
she eats fancy feast, the trout kind ONLY!!!
the grocery store was out of trout, so we bought her a different brand.
at the end of the day, it was UNTOUCHED!!!
never feed her anything else, you might as well throw the unopened can into the garbage.
what a cat!
eek! eight days to go.


September 15, 2011

smile cause it’s good for you.
i saw this out of nowhere while sitting at the table, so i took a picture. say cheese!