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February 6, 2013 
has returned from paris and has prepared a fabulous lunch that i thought i’d share with you

more pictures, less words.
bon appetite.

behind the scenes. sit back and relax. enjoy the greenery.
left. ever seen deep fried herbs that were not burnt to smithereens? lol, well here they are, perfection.
right. madeleines fresh out of the oven! chaud! chaud!


let’s begin.


asparagus, summer pea and leek soup.



pan seared scallops and pickled radish, garnished with marjoram.



herb crusted halibut with grapefruit and green bean salad.



ribeye with fig reduction, roasted pepper puree, and mini onion rings.



my absolute most favourite part of a meal. dessert.
i’m in heaven.

madeleines, mango sorbet, and pistachio chocolate sticks.


i hope your eyes enjoyed the meal.

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September 30, 2012

reality check; it’s been just over a month since i’ve been back from europe, oh how i miss it so…

i feel super stressed! &somehow i decided or would like to think that blogging will bring me back to earth… somehow?
alternatives please!

since my real life cooking mama has returned from paris, she rarely ever cooks at home; but this is what she whipped up for dinner the other day.
sablefish (black cod) &spaghetti squash? i tried looking it up but couldn’t pin down the exact type of squash that i had.

it’s mid autumn festival tomorrow and the real life cooking mama is hosting and preparing an 8 course meal for 16-20 people in our home?!!!
check back soon to see what’s for dinner tomorrow night:)

i’m bad with commitments but i will try my best to blog at least once a week. i have still yet to write about the oh so fabulous michelin noted and michelin starred restaurants in europe that i’ve been extremely lucky to have eaten at.

…i’ll be there in a heart beat*


July 29, 2012

rest in peace Olympus PEN E-P3

welcome to the world Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1

keep calm and carry on


June 21, 2012

i’m finally here (&did i mention, reunited with mom)! it’s now my fourth day in paris now.
my sister kat will be here in three days! can’t wait:)

i was originally planning to blog once a week, but then i’d probably forget what i did during which days cause there’s just too many things that i do, places i go to, things that i eat, etc.
going to make my blogs short&sweet hopefully with less words and more pictures. YOU do the translating.
here’s what my life in paris looks like.enjoy!

okay… or not..
maybe i wont blog, not that i dont want to, but my mom’s laptop is acting up.
so instead please go and like me on facebook on the right and check out the pictures there in the “paris<;;3" album instead:)
new pictures constantly being uploaded*

Paris album

merci et au revoir!


June 17, 2012


happy 17th birthday to my lovely sister

my flight to Paris isnt until later in the afternoon!! it's 521am, am I too excited to sleep??

catch me if you can…,

May 18, 2012

the weather has been lovely, i hope it stays like this during the long weekend.
im off to paris again in a month or so. can’t wait!!

on the cliffwalk at the capilano suspension bridge

 new “real” post coming soon
&please keep off the grass.


April 24, 2012

spring has sprunG!!
click* to get a closer look.

these were taken during my break at VanDusen.
i made sure to bring a map so i wouldn’t get lost &be back in the office on time.
flower of the moment. magnolias<3

the past, the present, &around the home.

orchids. the present &around the home
we kept this plant on top of our fireplace. after blooming the petals fell off. it looked like a couple of green sticks for a good eight months. then finally ta-da! upper left.
roses. the present, literally.
surprise. a bouquet of real and fake roses. can you spot them out? tks. upper right.
bleeding hearts. the past
what a lovely name, not! i used to have one of these plants at the old house where i used to live. lower left.
tulips. the past
my grandma planted many of these in the garden &they grow back every year.


deep inhale*
can you say allergies?
this is TRUE flower power, enjoy.
do you happen to have an extra tissue &allegra? pls &tks!