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August 25, 2011

our landlady took us on a mini tour around the touristy places. here are some pictures that i successfully managed to take while in the car. we stopped by the notre dame cathedral to take some pictures.


1. hi! i’m a gargoyle
2. mom said we shouldn’t go there cause it’s unsafe, so we do the opposite hah, we’re wayyy down at the bottom
3&4. the notre dame cathedral looks pretty much the same since i was there last, except there are now new fences around the building
5. musée du louvre
6. paris night time, love ittt

went back to one of my favourite places, the open market! bought a couple of types of caviar from this store to use for my tea party when im back in vancouver.
mom also bought me a silver three tier stand and a very pretty glass cake stand. i can’t wait to use them that day!

petite déjeuner with mom &kat. before leavingthe house, i had strawberries, a fig, a chocolate tarlette & a puff pastry with apricots. huge breakfast can you say? lols. parisians eat desserts for breakfast, &so do i; i guess i fit in pretty well here! chocolate croissants anybody?:)
1. what mom sees.
2. what i see.
3.  what everybody sees.

we did some major damage at fnac, just by buying cookbooks and recipe/dessert books!! faints*

bought a lot of things for mom’s new home. everyone was super tired, so we decided to fix dinner at home for the first time.
my sister &i went to the open market to pick up a baguette & a hot rotisserie chicken.
i would say that they constantly have 30 chickens on huge metal skewers along the wall roasting away AND! they are constantly being bought and new ones are being thrown on.

these past few days i’ve eaten soo much & so many diferent types of…
1. cheese; i feel like a spoiled mouse!
2. desserts & sweets; i feel like a sugar addict.

the coffee in paris is a gazillion times better than what we have in vancouver. i love it.

je suis très fatigue, bonne nuit~

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