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August 30, 2011

i think i fell in love with…

my daily life in paris,
which consists of…
taking pictures
eating more desserts & sweets

be warned, there are many pictures.

i call this cat the x-men cat, it keeps on appearing throughout the streets of paris
a gazillion people rollerblading across from the eiffel tower
my sister bought some eiffel tower keychains from them. these hawkers were running away &hiding from police

this area was soooo busy, many cars & people.
in the second picture, that was the longgg line up to purchase tickets to go up the eiffel tower

along the seine river, there are these beautifully decorated houseboats.
would you want to live here one day?

ever seen a camoflague tree? i’ve never seen one in vancouver
smelly shoes at one of the houseboats
kat &the eiffel tower

1&2. i scream for vanilla & strawberry ice cream, mom screams for pistachio & chocolate ice cream,
we all scream for ice cream!… & chocolate crepes (kat)
3.kat & i <3
4. mom gone fishing
5. like my new shoe? wink wink*

at this specific laduree store, there are sooo many dead pigeons across the street! eeks! :(
macarons, yums!
arc de triomphe, notice the people up at the very top
a picture that i managed to take while on the metro for the first time

it’s night time, so time for something slow
this is what i’m listening to right now
metric-gimme sympathy (acoustic version)

“who would you rather be?
the beatles or the rolling stones?”

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  1. August 31, 2011 3:13 am


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