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February 6, 2013 
has returned from paris and has prepared a fabulous lunch that i thought i’d share with you

more pictures, less words.
bon appetite.

behind the scenes. sit back and relax. enjoy the greenery.
left. ever seen deep fried herbs that were not burnt to smithereens? lol, well here they are, perfection.
right. madeleines fresh out of the oven! chaud! chaud!


let’s begin.


asparagus, summer pea and leek soup.



pan seared scallops and pickled radish, garnished with marjoram.



herb crusted halibut with grapefruit and green bean salad.



ribeye with fig reduction, roasted pepper puree, and mini onion rings.



my absolute most favourite part of a meal. dessert.
i’m in heaven.

madeleines, mango sorbet, and pistachio chocolate sticks.


i hope your eyes enjoyed the meal.

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