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September 3, 2011

yesterday my sister and i shopped all day while mom was at school. it’s super hot here in paris, september and 27 degrees yesterday. as much as i love the sun, it was too stuffy & humid outside, boo. along with all the new things that i got, i also got a sandals and shorts tan! eww. hah.

sunshine makes me happy. what makes YOU happy?

today it was 29 degrees. when we left the house it was super sunny! after shopping for a few hours, we went back outside and the sky was completely grey! a thunderstorm was headed our way, uh oh!! and the story goes like this. we were first looking for a place to have dinner and it was suddenly really windy. then the wind picked up even more and the leaves and everything on the ground started to fly towards us. our hair was flying all over the place, sort of “lion style” haha. then lighting flashed several times but i didn’t hear the thunder cause the wind was too strong. i think this was the strongest wind i’ve ever felt, i squinted and turned my face to the side cause the dust and stuff was being blown at me. it started to drizzle, then rain, and eventualy it was pouring. everyone on the street quickly retreated to the limited undercovered areas. so we quickly decided on a restaurant near by. when mom opened the door, she had a small cherry blossom or flower stuck in her ponytail, lols! we were seated and began to dry off after 5 minutes. a few minutes later, it was pouring outside. a couple rushed to the door to seek cover from the rain. they stood outside for a few minutes and then decided to come into the restaurant. they were completely DRENCHED from neck to toe, from their necks down because they had worn helmets because they were on a moped/scooter/bike.

anyhoooo! this is my last update in paris cause my sister & i are headed back home to vancouver tomorrow morning.
here are some pictures from yesterday and the day before. enjoy!

…….destination arrived…………..inside le louvre…………………………………around le louvre……………………….

1. pavillon mollien
2. floral lampost
3. katkat
4. i like this pyramid better than the one outside!
5. taking a look back
6. this is what goes on inside my head

1. on. trying to walk on water
2. off. kat & i caught in flight. i think if i was a vampire flying, this is how i would look hah.
3. away. btw, this is paris not egypt!


here’s the mona lisa kiddies, be ready to play when i come back;)
a lit seat in a photobooth.
my real life cooking mama.

1. after going to 4 different swatch stores, kat finally found it.
2. super busy at dada, it was a week night too!
3. looking out the window while waiting for dinner. see how close cars park?
4. mom craving asian food again, so chinese last night, surprisingly yummy.

okay! too many pictures and too many words.
farewell france,
&see you in vancouver!

p.s. please check YOUR mailboxes & let me know if it made it to you. kthxbye!


August 30, 2011

i think i fell in love with…

my daily life in paris,
which consists of…
taking pictures
eating more desserts & sweets

be warned, there are many pictures.

i call this cat the x-men cat, it keeps on appearing throughout the streets of paris
a gazillion people rollerblading across from the eiffel tower
my sister bought some eiffel tower keychains from them. these hawkers were running away &hiding from police

this area was soooo busy, many cars & people.
in the second picture, that was the longgg line up to purchase tickets to go up the eiffel tower

along the seine river, there are these beautifully decorated houseboats.
would you want to live here one day?

ever seen a camoflague tree? i’ve never seen one in vancouver
smelly shoes at one of the houseboats
kat &the eiffel tower

1&2. i scream for vanilla & strawberry ice cream, mom screams for pistachio & chocolate ice cream,
we all scream for ice cream!… & chocolate crepes (kat)
3.kat & i <3
4. mom gone fishing
5. like my new shoe? wink wink*

at this specific laduree store, there are sooo many dead pigeons across the street! eeks! :(
macarons, yums!
arc de triomphe, notice the people up at the very top
a picture that i managed to take while on the metro for the first time

it’s night time, so time for something slow
this is what i’m listening to right now
metric-gimme sympathy (acoustic version)

“who would you rather be?
the beatles or the rolling stones?”


August 25, 2011

our landlady took us on a mini tour around the touristy places. here are some pictures that i successfully managed to take while in the car. we stopped by the notre dame cathedral to take some pictures.


1. hi! i’m a gargoyle
2. mom said we shouldn’t go there cause it’s unsafe, so we do the opposite hah, we’re wayyy down at the bottom
3&4. the notre dame cathedral looks pretty much the same since i was there last, except there are now new fences around the building
5. musée du louvre
6. paris night time, love ittt

went back to one of my favourite places, the open market! bought a couple of types of caviar from this store to use for my tea party when im back in vancouver.
mom also bought me a silver three tier stand and a very pretty glass cake stand. i can’t wait to use them that day!

petite déjeuner with mom &kat. before leavingthe house, i had strawberries, a fig, a chocolate tarlette & a puff pastry with apricots. huge breakfast can you say? lols. parisians eat desserts for breakfast, &so do i; i guess i fit in pretty well here! chocolate croissants anybody?:)
1. what mom sees.
2. what i see.
3.  what everybody sees.

we did some major damage at fnac, just by buying cookbooks and recipe/dessert books!! faints*

bought a lot of things for mom’s new home. everyone was super tired, so we decided to fix dinner at home for the first time.
my sister &i went to the open market to pick up a baguette & a hot rotisserie chicken.
i would say that they constantly have 30 chickens on huge metal skewers along the wall roasting away AND! they are constantly being bought and new ones are being thrown on.

these past few days i’ve eaten soo much & so many diferent types of…
1. cheese; i feel like a spoiled mouse!
2. desserts & sweets; i feel like a sugar addict.

the coffee in paris is a gazillion times better than what we have in vancouver. i love it.

je suis très fatigue, bonne nuit~

August 22, 2011

catch me if YOU can…
in paris



April 18, 2011

see the world through my eyes.

will be back soon,
under construction!